Dery & Co. is a leading law firm with illustrious history of providing original solutions to our

clients’ most complex legal and commercial challenges.

We Prioritize Excellence

Dery & Co. upholds the highest professional standards in representing our clients and delivering our mandate.

Over the past 20 years, the firm has represented numerous local companies and multinational corporations in transactions, litigation, and arbitration.

The firm has a team of dynamic and highly experienced legal professionals and supporting staff.


Our firm offers a wide range of practice areas to meet the diverse legal needs of our clients. These include:

-1- Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Dery & Co. has represented both local and international clients in both litigation and n. Over the past two decades, the firm has represented several clients in international arbitration.

-2- Corporate, Commercial & Employment Law

The firm provides expert advice on business formation, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, and corporate governance and labour disputes.

Our legal team members have served as advisors and consultants to banks, SMEs, and various microfinance and loan companies.

-3- Criminal Defense

We represent clients at all stages of the criminal proceeding, from arrest to trial and, if necessary, appeals.

We offer expert legal consultation to help clients understand their rights, the charges against them, and the potential consequences of their intended activities.

-4- Tax Planning & Disputes

Dery & Co. provides comprehensive tax planning and dispute resolution legal services. We aid clients in tax appeals and self-assessment of tax.

We specialize in guiding new businesses through regulatory tax requirements, ensuring compliance and smooth operations.

-5- Matrimonial Cases

Our firm provides legal representation in matrimonial cases, handling matters such as divorce, child custody etc. We prioritize the well-being and interests of our clients, striving to achieve fair and equitable resolutions in sensitive family law disputes.

-6- Intellectual Property, Technology Law and Telecommunication

Dery & Co. provides legal services in technology and innovation law encompassing Intellectual Property, Telecom Infrastructure & Business, Data Protection & Privacy, Fintech, Cyber-Security.

-7- Investment and Policy . Advisory Services

Our firm provides legal services for privatization, divestiture, policy development, legislative/institutional reforms and other major governmental and non-governmental projects.

-8- Natural Resources, Mining,

Oil & Gas etc.

The firm provides comprehensive legal services to organizations entering the mining, oil, and gas sectors, guiding them through permits and licensing due diligence, regulation and compliance, transactions advisory services, and contract negotiations.

-9- Immigration Law & International Trade

Dery & Co. provides counsel on Ghana's national and legislative policies regulating migration and advises clients involved in the importation and exportation industry. Our scope of work includes helping clients to understand the requirements of all relevant regulatory bodies regulating migration, exportation and importation.


"Dery & Co. was established in the year 2000 with the view to providing effective legal solutions to clients.

The firm has since its establishment attained great success under leadership of seasoned lawyers and associates.

Dery & Co. has three offices spread across two regions; Greater Accra and Upper West. Each office has a team of lawyers and supporting staff serving clients in the various practice areas of the firm.

The firm has consulted and represented several clients within the African continent and beyond.

Excellence is our hallmark, thank you"


Hon. Ambrose Dery Esq.


Hon. Ambrose Dery is the founder Dery & Co. He has over 30 years experience in litigation, international arbitration and legal consultancy. He was appointed the Deputy Attorney-General of the Republic of Ghana in 2003. He also served as a Minister of State in the Ministry of Justice from 2005 to 2007. He served as the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Ghana from 2017 to 2024.

Esther Korkor Totimeh Esq

Esther possesses extensive experience in managing matrimonial cases, resolving family disputes, facilitating alternative dispute resolution, and negotiating contracts.

Richmond Korley Esq

BSc. Finance, LL.B, BL.

Richmond has over 10 years of experience in property litigation, corporate law, alternative dispute resolution and banking law. He has successfully advised numerous multinational corporations on complex transactions and is recognized for his strategic approach and attention to detail.

Richmond serves a consultant to several banks and micro-finanace companies.

Abdul Jamal Deen Don- Chebe Esq.

BSc. Geography and Resource Development, LL.B, BL.

Jamal brings a diverse background in corporate, commercial and environmental law to the team. He provides legal support to clients engaged in the exploration, extraction, and commercialization of natural resources such mining, oil and gas industries. Jamal has gained valuable experience in corporate governance, property and real estate litigations.

Finally, he has represented several companies in litigation, arbitration, mergers & acquisition, and contract negotiations.

Saani Rasheed Esq.

Rashid is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with a distinguished career spanning over 10 years. He has handled high-stakes cases involving homicide, narcotics offenses, and complex legal challenges. Beyond the courtroom, Rashid is recognized for his compassion and dedication to his clients, providing steadfast support and guidance during what are often the most challenging times of their lives.


Doris has over a decade experience in family law. Doris represents clients through complex divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, and the negotiation of distribution of matrimonial properties.


Stephen Somuah Sarkodie
Office Manager

Steven helps in filing of cases, receiving court documents and ensuring compliance with filing of timelines as regulated by rules of court.

Georgina Atisas

Georgina has a background in administrative support and a solid understanding of litigation procedures. She is a support clerk, adept at managing case files, organizing discovery documents, and coordinating trial preparation activities.

Stephanie Arthur

Stephanie the legal team in receiving clients and responding to general enquiries of clients. She helps the team in scheduling appointments, and directing inquiries to the appropriate attorneys or staff members. Stephanie adeptly handles phone calls and emails.

Dapuri M. Cephas
Web developer, LL.B,
BL Candidate.

Cephas is an I.T support personnel and currently a BL candidate at Ghana School of Law.

He is also gaining valuable practical experience as an intern at Dery and Co..


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What our clients think of us

Our track record of client retention underscores their high satisfaction with our services.

What our clients think of us

Our client recommendations are numerous, and each one of them are invaluable; they signify trust in our legal services and are instrumental in welcoming new clients to our firm.

What our clients think of us

Even before the advent of widespread media and internet popularity, our firm's international reach underscores the trust our international clients place in our legal services, often recommending us to their sister companies.

Dery & Co. extends heartfelt gratitude to all our clients for their confidence in our work.

What our clients think of us

Positive reviews have motivated us to consistently deliver exceptional legal services.

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